strategic plan


"A connected community where everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential" #clubtogether

Mission Statement

To provide a home for all members of our community working with them to improve their skills, resilience, wellbeing and confidence, thereby increasing the opportunities open to them.


Building Resilience

To Create A Fair and Cohesive Community

To Develop A Club Together Approach

To result in Coming Home

Strategic and Operational Plan 2019 / 21

Strategic Priorities

Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to set out the strategic and operational priorities of the Foundation over the next three years in the form of an operational and business plan that covers all aspects of Foundation work.

Short Term

In the next twelve months the short term aim for the Foundation is to ensure its major funded projects, PL Primary Stars, PL Girls and our College Education Programme are delivered effectively and it’s in a strong position to apply for the new round of PL and EFL three year funding projects from 2019. The growth of the Foundation will be largely dependent on securing ongoing and increased funding from these projects as a base from which to develop other related projects.

Secondly to broaden the range of its work programmes to develop projects across health and social inclusion, extending the skills and knowledge of its growing staff team in the process and creating new partners and revenue streams. A key focus is participating in the EFL Trust’s forthcoming National Citizens Service project from the summer of 2020 that is potentially a huge area of growth for the Foundation.

Thirdly the Foundation also needs to ensure that it is considered for PL Kicks funding for 2019 / 21, after missing out on this opportunity in the previous round. The Trustees are committed to committing resources and energy to supporting two key deprived estates in Merton and Wandsworth, Phippsbridge and Haslemere, after an ongoing consultation with community partners and this would be a focus for Kicks work.

The Foundation’s Trustees will continue to review, with the Director, the governance of the organisation and ensure that all policies and procedures are in place effectively and updated where appropriate to meet the new requirements of EFL/PL Capability.

The Trustees will also work with the Director to support the overall development of the organisation by continuing to explore the needs of the local community and partners, exploring new initiatives and crucially leading and contributing to key fundraising activities for the Foundation.

Medium Term

The Foundation is committed to focusing much of its work across Merton and Wandsworth and retaining some activity in Kingston, due to the forthcoming stadium development on the Plough Lane site that is due for completion by Jan 2020. The Strategic Plan 2019 – 21 reflects this and the Foundation will work closely with the football club to ensure it’s impact is made largely in its home borough of Merton as part of the AFC Wimbledon ‘is coming home’ message for the local community.

The Foundation will be based in the new stadium from 2020 with office facilities and access to stadium and hospitality areas in the club to deliver elements of its work, particularly around its education and health programmes. The club and Foundation are committed to making the new stadium site a real ‘community hub’ at the centre of corporate, community and social life in the Wimbledon and Merton area.

Long Term

By 2021 the Foundation would measure its success by working towards and achieving the following goals: